Author Biography

When we were very young my intrepid mother took us travelling. Epic journeys to Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland as far as she had the energy to drive,  starting the day we finished school for the summer holidays and ending the day before we went back. An A35 van with optional rear door and a one-litre, drop-lid coupé aka the Morris Minor, and a tent gradually fading under bright sun like those the Romans used on campaign, all hold fond memories of stalwart service. I am sure these early adventures fuelled my desire to write. 

I wasn’t a bookish child, far too dreamy, but I loved stories and often re-enacted these in my head or out loud, prompting visitors to our house to raise eyebrows. 

I wasn’t always a writer and tried my hand at various careers before finally giving in to a long cherished ambition.

Murielle's Angel is based on the experience of walking 500 miles to Santiago de Compostela along the Camino, the pilgrim route in Northern Spain, a joyful, beautiful place. Perhaps it reminded me of the freedom of those childhood adventures.

Life might be a journey but it is also a story. We are made up of stories we tell ourselves or that are told to us. I hope many more stories tumble out and I hope you enjoy reading some of them.

HONEYMOON, a novel set on the wild West Coast of Ireland will be published later this year.

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