Truthful writing

Some advice is hard to swallow, some is hard to ignore. Some is so obvious surely everyone  knows already and then it’s easy to assume that we invented it in the first place. Truthful writing according to Rumer Godden does not necessarily mean true stories only that credibility is not distorted…

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Love songs

I am impressed by two poems currently.  One, an ancient prayer and a hymn, a Celtic Blessing that was played at my mother’s funeral, sung by Aled Jones to the tune by Rutter. The prayer, the music and the occasion deeply imprinted until time slowly erodes the memory to the bare bones.   The other, probably also a song,  new year wishes by Jacques Brel.

Both are love songs. Unconventional, in a way, but surely, to wish anyone the deep peace of the universe with or without the inclusion of Christ is an act of love. So too the fervent wish for at least one bounteous dream to come true.

Deep peace of the running wave to you.

Deep peace of the flowing air to you.

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.

Deep peace of the shining stars to you.

Deep peace of the gentle night to you.

Moon and stars pour their healing light on you.

Deep peace of Christ,

of Christ the light of the world to you.

Deep peace of Christ to you.

New Year wishes by Jacques Brel

I wish you dreams with no end and the furious desire to realise some of them. I wish you to love what should be loved and forget what you need to forget. I wish you passion, I wish you silence, I wish you to hear birds singing and children laughing when you wake up. I wish that you respect other people’s differences because the merits and value of each person are worth discovering. I wish that you resist getting stuck, that you resist being indifferent and that you resist the negativity and righteousness of our time. Finally, I wish that you never renounce discovery, adventure, life, love because life is a magnificent adventure and no reasonable person should renounce it without a courageous battle. I especially wish you to be yourself, to be proud of who you are and happy because happiness is our true destiny.

solvitur ambulando – a walking cure

Many problems are solved by walking. Mulling things over and walking proves more helpful than simply mulling things over. Perhaps the rhythm of steps, the rhythm of the body moving outdoors facilitates the thinking process. I’m not sure, but I think the Romans were on to something with their phrase solvitur…

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Change of perspective

12th December, the online launch date for the novel Honeymoon, fast approaches and it seems to me that the unravelling, disintegrating moon that features on the front cover is gaining rather than losing parts. This change of perspective just might be thanks to all the support, messages and good wishes from family and friends old and new heaping my…

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