Set on the wild west coast of Ireland, Honeymoon is both a love story and a mystery.

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About the Book

A remote village on the West Coast of Ireland is not Rosie’s ideal honeymoon destination but Fergal wants to show her the house where he was born, his only memory before being orphaned and brought up in a children’s home.

The village has not forgotten Fergal or his past, however much they have tried.  A mystery unravels with revelations of death, betrayal and deceit that would seem to implicate Fergal. The truth is hard to find and threatens to wreck not only the honeymoon but lives of others too.

Rosie decides to trust her own judgement and finds her own way to help Fergal reclaim his past.

Genre: Fiction
Format: Paperback
Length: 320
ASIN: 1979403252
ISBN: 9781979403252
List Price: £8.99
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