Oh Amazon or Winter of Discontent in North Wales

The wisdom and vanity of self publishing is a somewhat fraught issue. Those with agents or publishing deals might raise an eyebrow; those with careers and businesses launched off the back of their independently published books might smile wryly.There is the tax issue, not unlawful, true, just amoral that sends small booksellers spiralling in the unfairness of the market. Business is business and different rules apply. It goes something like this.

Think of a book as being like a pie. – Jackie Morris Artist

Hypocritical of me to say please don’t buy from Amazon when that is the only outlet. So please do! There is a dearth of bookshops in our neck of the woods (the lovely A Likely Story in Tywyn, a mere forty minute train ride away will close this year). Browsers in Portmadoc, nearly a thirty mile round trip, was not able to stock my first and traditionally published Murielle’s Angel, so no chance for anything self published, (I succumbed with Honeymoon), whatever the slight demand. Hard times for bookshops here, the winter of discontent.

Thank heavens for Pieces for Places in Barmouth that does stock books and likes to support local enterprises. Perhaps they are the new hybrid and a way forward.

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