The Blurb

Writing blurb is a whole new skill set. To encapsulate a book that has taken months to write in a sound bite, a nano-fraction of the blood sweat and tears the characters go through, is soul destroying or time-consuming for want of a less emotive word. Here is the best blurb to date for my novel Honeymoon.

For twenty years a village on the west coast of Ireland has kept a dark secret, always afraid that someone would expose them. Then, twenty years later come not one but two men with the potential to do just that.

Joe Kelly and Fergal Pierce return independently, coincidentally, for retribution, redress and to rebalance their ailing lives. Their paths inevitably cross in so small a place. Joe Kelly, beset with nightmares and an incomplete memory of the killing that caused him to run away has come to make amends but inadvertently makes matters worse. He would like to find peace, but finds more than he bargained for.

Fergal brings his naive, young wife, Rosie, for their honeymoon. He wants to show her where he was born. She understands that for an orphan it must be important. But his troubled past is nowhere near laid to rest and she has no concept of the extent of his problems. Fergal becomes so intent on unravelling the mystery, that Rosie wonders if their honeymoon is not a perfect smokescreen. It certainly is a disappointment and not the romantic idyll she had hoped. Tempted to run away, the kindness and sense of community of those she gets to know in the village help her change her mind.

Set in the present day, Honeymoon is a tale of love, hope and regeneration.

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