Truthful writing

Some advice is hard to swallow, some is hard to ignore. Some is so obvious surely everyone ¬†knows already and then it’s easy to assume that we invented it in the first place.

Truthful writing according¬†to Rumer Godden does not necessarily mean true stories only that credibility is not distorted or manipulated. A master of this is Hans Anderson. A tin soldier can speak but he must speak and act as would a soldier: a daisy like a daisy, which brings me to another thing; it often seems that writers do not see things as they are but as they would like them to be; a daisy is not just the wee modest crimson-tipped flower of Burns’s poem but a tough strongly rooted plant.

If you don’t respect your work, no one else will. This applies to life too. If you are not true to yourself to whom can you be true?

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